T-888 Plus

Special Features

  • 1) Tuner & Channel  < Digital Part>


    1 x F-type, IEC169-24 Female

    Frequency Range

    950 MHz to 2150Mhz

    Input Impedance

    75 ohm unbalanced

    Signal Level

    -25 to 65 dBm

    LNB Power

    14/18V ±5%, 0.4Amax, Overload protected

    22 kHz Tone

    Frequency: 22k Hz ±2kHz Amplitude:0.6V ±0.2V

    DiSEqC Control

    Verson1.2 Compatible



    Input Symbol Rate


    2) System & Memory

    Main Processor

    Smart MPEG

    Flash Memory

    2M bytes


    8M bytes


    8K bytes

    Channel Memory

    Digital Channel:4000


    Up to 97

    Multi- Language Menu

    English / Italian / Turkish / Arabic / Russian / French / German

    3) MPEG Transport Stream & A/V Decoding <Digital Part>

    Transport Stream

    MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818 Transport Stream Specification

    Profile Level

    MPEG-2 MP@ML

    Input Rate

    Max 60mbit/s

    Aspect Ratio

    4:3, 16:9

    Frame Rate

    25Hz for PAL, 30Hz for NTSC

    Video Resolution

    720 x 576 (PAL), 720 x 480 (NTSC)

    Audio Decoding

    MPEG/ MusiCam Layer I&II

    Audio Mode

    Signal channel/ Dual channel Joint Stereo/Stereo

    Frequency Response

    20Hz – 20kHz , <+/-2dB
    60Hz – 18kHz <+/-.05dB

    4)A/V & Data In / Out

    TV Scart Output

    RGB, CVBS, L, R Output with Volume Control

    RCA Output

    CVBS, L, R Output (Yellow, White, Red, Jack)
    with Volume Control

    Data Instance

    RS-232, Bit Rate: 115200 bund
    Connector: 9-Pin D-Sub female type